Greater Austin Pain Center

Texas Medical Management Expands Pain Management Services in South Austin/Kyle Area

Austin, TX – Texas Medical Management (TMM) is excited to announce a significant expansion of its pain management services in the South Austin/Kyle area through a new partnership with Greater Austin Pain Center. This collaboration brings together TMM's commitment to quality care and Greater Austin Pain Center's expertise in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology.

Enhanced Pain Management Services: The partnership with Greater Austin Pain Center allows TMM to offer an expanded range of pain management services, delivered by board-certified specialists in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology. This initiative is part of TMM's ongoing effort to provide comprehensive and specialized healthcare services to its patients.

Contact for Services: For more details about the pain management services available in the South Austin/Kyle area, please reach out to the Client Services Team at or call 512-967-6238.

About Texas Medical Management: Texas Medical Management is dedicated to enhancing patient care by partnering with specialized medical groups. The collaboration with Greater Austin Pain Center reflects TMM's commitment to offering diverse and high-quality medical services to meet the evolving needs of the community.

Contact: Client Services Team Texas Medical Management Email: Phone: 512-967-6238

Visit Greater Austin Pain Center's website to learn more.

Introducing Dr. Kyle Stuart

Texas Medical Management Expands Orthopedic Surgery Services in Dallas with the Addition of Dr. Kyle Stuart

Dallas, TX – Texas Medical Management (TMM) is proud to announce the expansion of its orthopedic surgery services in Dallas, including the introduction of new surgery bundles. This significant enhancement to TMM's Dallas operations is spearheaded by the addition of Dr. Kyle Stuart to the team.

Introducing Dr. Kyle Stuart: Dr. Stuart, a Dallas native, brings a wealth of expertise and experience to TMM. He received his undergraduate degree from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, and his medical degree from UT Southwestern in Dallas. Following his orthopedic surgery residency at UT Medical Branch in Galveston, Dr. Stuart completed a fellowship in sports medicine and arthroscopy at the Southern California Orthopedic Institute.

Expertise and Compassion: Dr. Stuart specializes in a broad spectrum of orthopedic surgeries, including arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement, and ligament reconstruction. His passion for serving underserved populations is evident through his involvement in medical missions in Juarez, Mexico, and Machala, Ecuador. Moreover, his commitment was further demonstrated when he served as an emergency responder during Hurricane Ike in 2009.

Availability and Services: Dr. Stuart is now available to provide top-tier surgical care at First Baptist Surgical Hospital. Patients can expect comprehensive and compassionate care under his expertise. For more information on Dr. Stuart and the orthopedic surgery bundles offered, please contact TMM at (512) 275-6471.

Comprehensive Services in Dallas: For a detailed listing of all services and bundles available in Dallas, please visit

About Texas Medical Management: Texas Medical Management is committed to delivering high-quality, affordable surgical care. The addition of Dr. Stuart to our Dallas team is a step forward in our mission to provide comprehensive and accessible orthopedic surgery services to the community.

Contact: Texas Medical Management Phone: (512) 275-6471 Website:

Introducing Dr. Huseng Vefali

Texas Medical Management Introduces Cardiovascular Services with Dr. Vefali

Austin, TX – Texas Medical Management (TMM) is proud to announce the addition of cardiovascular services to its comprehensive healthcare offerings. Leading this new service line is Dr. Vefali, a distinguished board-certified cardiologist with extensive expertise in heart disease treatment, including structural heart disease and peripheral interventions.

Dr. Vefali's Expertise: Dr. Vefali brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in various cardiovascular procedures, such as Angiographies and Pacemaker Insertions, among others. His addition to the TMM team signifies the company's commitment to providing a full spectrum of high-quality healthcare services.

Contact for Services: For more information about the cardiovascular services offered by Dr. Vefali at Texas Medical Management, please contact the Client Services Team at or call 512-967-6238.

About Texas Medical Management: Texas Medical Management continues to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation, offering a range of specialized medical services. The introduction of cardiovascular services is a testament to TMM's dedication to expanding its healthcare services to meet the diverse needs of patients.

Contact: Client Services Team Texas Medical Management Email: Phone: 512-967-6238

TMM Services Announcement

Texas Medical Management Expands Surgical Services Across Texas

Austin, TX – Texas Medical Management (TMM), a leader in providing high-quality, affordable surgical care, is excited to announce the expansion of its services across Texas, including Austin, Houston, Dallas, and the Rio Grande Valley area. TMM is dedicated to making surgery easier and more accessible for patients, offering competitive and transparent pricing on a wide range of surgical procedures.

Who We Are: TMM stands out in the healthcare industry by offering bundled prices that cover all aspects of surgical care, including surgeon consultation, follow-up visits, surgical fees, anesthesia, implants, pathology, and more. This approach not only ensures transparency in pricing but also enhances the overall patient experience.

Our Surgeons: TMM partners with top-tier surgeons who are selected by our surgeon board based on their expertise, patient outcomes, and commitment to excellent customer service. We believe in fostering a strong doctor-patient relationship, which is fundamental to improving healthcare for everyone.

Current Services:

New Services:

Contact Us: For more information about our services, locations, and how we can help make your surgical experience easier, please contact us at 512-967-6238.

About Texas Medical Management: Texas Medical Management is committed to providing exceptional surgical care with a focus on patient satisfaction, affordability, and transparency. Our expansion across Texas is a testament to our dedication to improving healthcare accessibility and quality for all patients.

Contact: Texas Medical Management Phone: 512-967-6238

TMM Outcomes Scorecard

November 2023

Texas Medical Management Unveils Bundled Surgery Quality Scorecard with Impressive Results

Austin, TX – Texas Medical Management is proud to announce the release of its Bundled Surgery Quality Scorecard. This comprehensive scorecard showcases remarkable improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction, underscoring the company's commitment to excellence in surgical care.

Key Highlights of the Scorecard:

The scorecard is based on a comprehensive analysis of patient feedback, with patients evaluating their pain and difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10, both before and after surgery. The results speak volumes about the effectiveness of Texas Medical Management's approach to bundled surgery.

Sean Kelley, Co-Founder of Texas Medical Management, expressed his enthusiasm about the scorecard's findings, "These results are a testament to our unwavering dedication to patient care and the effectiveness of our bundled surgery approach. We are thrilled to see such positive outcomes and are committed to continuing our work in revolutionizing surgical care."

For more information about Texas Medical Management and their innovative approach to healthcare, please visit or contact Sean Kelley at or 512-971-2968.

About Texas Medical Management: Texas Medical Management is a leader in healthcare innovation, specializing in bundled surgery solutions. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and patient satisfaction, the company is at the forefront of transforming surgical care delivery.

Contact: Sean Kelley, Co-Founder Texas Medical Management Email: Phone: 512-971-2968 Website: