The Problem

You pay too much for surgery

The price is a mystery

How do you save money on surgeries when you don’t know what you’re paying for? Imagine what it would be like to know exactly how much it would cost beforehand. No surprises! No balance billing! Just successful surgery!

For employers, employees, TPAs and brokers, prices for common surgeries are a mystery. You write blank checks and pay high “out of network” fees for many anesthesiologists and co-surgeons who appear in the operating room. This especially impacts self-funded and all experience rated groups.

Our Solution

Bundled, transparent & predictable prices

Eliminate unnecessary costs and save $$$

Texas Medical Management gives employees freedom of choice. We post your up-front, bundled prices to be as transparent as possible.

There are no hidden fees, or surprises. Just scheduled benefits for common surgeries. Employers save 30 to 60%.

Savings are so great that many employers have waived deductibles and co-pays, and still save a tremendous amount due to our elimination of unnecessary fees, bloated administrative costs, unreasonable charges and price shock. Imagine the savings!


Texas Medical Management uses the same great doctors that operate at hospitals. They are selected due to their reputation of being the best in their field. By performing procedures in an ambulatory surgical center, bloated bureaucracy and costs are avoided. Not every surgery requires an expensive trip to a hospital. Simply add us as a great new benefit.


  1. Employers sign a simple contract and educate their employees about the benefit and savings.
  2. Need outpatient surgery? The employer and TPA direct the member to use this benefit. The employee visits: texasmedicalmanagement.com to confirm quality of surgeons and facilities.
  3. Employee contacts us to schedule with one of our Board-certified surgeons. The employer (or TPA) pays in advance or within 7 days after surgery.


The state of Oklahoma provided a bundled services option for their employees covered by the Health Choice insurance plan. Oklahoma county implemented a nearly identical plan prior to the Health Choice initiative that resulted in millions of dollars in savings.


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