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TMM Outcomes Scorecard

November 2023

Texas Medical Management Unveils Bundled Surgery Quality Scorecard with Impressive Results

Austin, TX – Texas Medical Management is proud to announce the release of its Bundled Surgery Quality Scorecard. This comprehensive scorecard showcases remarkable improvements in patient outcomes and satisfaction, underscoring the company's commitment to excellence in surgical care.

Key Highlights of the Scorecard:

  • Significant Reduction in Pain: Patients reported a substantial decrease in pain levels, from an average of 5.2 before surgery to 2.8 after the procedure.
  • Enhanced Surgery Utilization: The percentage of total referrals scheduled for surgery increased, indicating more efficient and effective use of surgical interventions.
  • Exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS): The score soared to 87, far surpassing the Survicate Healthcare NPS Benchmark of 26 and the Retently Healthcare NPS Benchmark of 38.
  • Minimal Infection Rates: Post-surgery infection rates were impressively low at just 0.06%.
  • Improved Quality of Life for Physically Impaired: Patients with physical impairments reported a marked improvement in their ability to perform daily activities post-surgery.

The scorecard is based on a comprehensive analysis of patient feedback, with patients evaluating their pain and difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10, both before and after surgery. The results speak volumes about the effectiveness of Texas Medical Management's approach to bundled surgery.

Sean Kelley, Co-Founder of Texas Medical Management, expressed his enthusiasm about the scorecard's findings, "These results are a testament to our unwavering dedication to patient care and the effectiveness of our bundled surgery approach. We are thrilled to see such positive outcomes and are committed to continuing our work in revolutionizing surgical care."

For more information about Texas Medical Management and their innovative approach to healthcare, please visit www.texasmedicalmanagement.com or contact Sean Kelley at sean.kelley@texasmedicalmanagement.com or 512-971-2968.

About Texas Medical Management: Texas Medical Management is a leader in healthcare innovation, specializing in bundled surgery solutions. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and patient satisfaction, the company is at the forefront of transforming surgical care delivery.

Contact: Sean Kelley, Co-Founder Texas Medical Management Email: sean.kelley@texasmedicalmanagement.com Phone: 512-971-2968 Website: www.texasmedicalmanagement.com

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